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Cover Focus | Jul/Aug '15

Communicating Your Brand with an E-Newsletter

An old-school communication tool with a new-school twist.

At Pascale Communications (PC), we like to stand out and be different. Information dissemination can be as lackluster as it sounds, and it can become repetitive if common distribution techniques are utilized over and over. I am not a fan of redundancy, and neither are my colleagues. When it came to circulating our news and developing concepts on how we should fulfill this need, following the same methods as all the other businesses did not seem like a good system to set ourselves up for comparison. We desired a way to share information that would interest everyone while building our brand as a progressive, nimble public relations firm. We are unique, and, therefore, our processes should reflect that quality.


With this in mind, we created PC Scoop, our quarterly e-newsletter. A traditional newsletter didn’t exactly align with our objectives, so we took it a step further. We wanted to use an old-school communications tool with a new-school twist to get in touch with others in our industry, our partners, our clients, friends of PC, and general fans and followers of our work. Reaching these people in some capacity is important to us, but delivering innovative, informative content that clues people in on how we drive our business is what we focus on. We consider transparent and valuable communication one of our specialties, and we saw that this was a digital way for us to achieve that. Our e-newsletter is not just a hollow file for the spam folder—it’s another way to brand what we do.

While we’re extremely active on social media, our PC Scoop e-newsletter provides a quarterly snapshot to the professional space. Instead of incorporating internal updates, we like our readers to have a general overall understanding of the company and its developments as a whole. PC’s Facebook is a great way for us to continuously build our identity, and PC’s Twitter is beneficial for broadcasting the latest updates in real time, but we wanted to give our affiliates more of a vision of PC as a business by including material that was not just about us. Because it’s not just about us—it’s about everyone who has been involved in and impacted by our work.

In our e-newsletters, we highlight our current clients and their accomplishments as well as complimentary agencies we partner with. Their success deserves more than a high-five, so we make sure our e-newsletter is celebratory of their triumphs. From this, we’ve built and maintained valuable professional relationships. We also use this opportunity for small gestures, such as thanking a company for its support in one of our projects. PC recognizes companies that have needed our assistance and companies that have assisted us, establishing meaningful connections.

In addition, we also include upcoming events, announcements, projects, words of positivity, and pointers. Our services and insight into our medical/healthcare specialties, which people might not have known about, are put on display. This drives traffic to our digital platforms and provides resources to those who may be seeking to improve themselves or their business, which makes our e-newsletter communally beneficial on several levels. We love telling people what we do, but we’re also passionate about educating others in our work by showing what goes on behind the scenes, as it’s always much more than what is anticipated.

We also utilize our e-newsletter to trademark our employees as experts in their field. Each PC Scoop features one of our PC members with a brief glimpse of his or her background and he or she is about. Readers of our newsletter get to know PC members on a more personal level, showing how each and every one of them is a valuable asset to the company. Our PC members are top-notch professionals that work tirelessly for our clients, so proper recognition of their efforts and personalities is a must. In this way, PC members contribute heavily to our brand—they are the essential components that structure the company’s expertise.


The PC e-newsletter has received an overwhelmingly positive response and is a confirmed successful endeavor. Friends and clients of ours have expressed great interest in our e-newsletter and have been extremely receptive, sparking PC lead generation. Our open rate is twice the industry average, and our click rate is five times the industry average. Who would have thought this cost-efficient communication method would provide such great opportunities for client interaction? Our brand reputation is augmented, our clients and partners are recognized and kept informed, and our company members are publicly appreciated.


Our e-newsletter gives our readers added value that can’t be accessed through our website, social media accounts, and blogs but still complements all of our digital elements. This digital platform has successfully communicated our brand and built professional relationships PC will have for years!